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In_Ventos Poéticos


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We are a family owned and operated business.

The CD In_Ventos Poéticos vol.1 gathers performances of the meetings of the 1st season (2018) project 'In_Ventos Poéticos, where the sound makes the curve', which is shown on the YouTube channel.

The álbum is a record of dialogues in which Rodrigo enters with the particular sound of his guitar and its effects with pedals, and which always seeks to dialogue, motivate and be motivated by the other guest artist, be he another poet, musician or composer.

Produced by Rodrigo Bragança

1.Cura (Rodrigo Bragança)

Electric guitar, effects, voice: Rodrigo Bragança

Acoustic guitar: Daniel Conti


2.Ela quer saber  (Rodrigo Bragança e Quim Vasconcellos)

Electric guitar: Rodrigo Bragança

Voice and percussive guitar taps: Quim Vasconcellos


3.Silabassamba (Rodrigo Bragança e Daniel Conti)

Electric guitar: Rodrigo Bragança

Acoustic guitar, voz: Daniel Conti


4.Viagem para Vênus (Rodrigo Bragança e Fabio Cadore)

Fretless guitar: Rodrigo Bragança

Guitar and voice: Fábio Cadore


5.Pele Verde (Rodrigo Bragança e João Taubkin)

Guitar and voice: Rodrigo Bragança

bass and voice: João Taubkin


6.Raios (improvisation over Natália Barros poem)

Electric guitar, effects: Rodrigo Bragança

Voice and poem: Natália Barros


7.O vôo do vento (improvisação)

Electric guitar, effects: Rodrigo Bragança

Voice: Tarita de Souza


8.Akatombo (Kousaku Yamada e Miki Misao)

Fretless guitar and effects: Rodrigo Bragança

Voice: Kenia Muraoka


9.Rodas / Betume (improvisation over Diana Junkes poem)

Electric guitar, effects: Rodrigo Bragança

Voice and poem: Diana Junkes


10.Modinha (Gabriel Levy)

Electric guitar, effects: Rodrigo Bragança

Acorddion: Gabriel Levy


11.Semente (Fabio Madureira e Tânia Grinberg)

Electric guitar: Rodrigo Bragança

Voice: Tânia Grinberg

Acoustic guitar: Fábio Madureira


12.Prosa poética é a bula (improvisation over Pedro Blanco's poem)

Electric guitar, bow effects:: Rodrigo Bragança

Voice and poem: Pedro Blanco


13.Improviso #4 (improvisação)

Electric guitar, effects:: Rodrigo Bragança

Voice: Nani Barbosa


14.Poema pra Escapar -  improvisation over André Oviedo's poem)

Electric guitar and effects: Rodrigo Bragança

Voice: André Oviedo


15.Desgelo (improvisation)Electric guitar and voice: Rodrigo Bragança


16.Vinheta In_ventos Poéticos (Rodrigo Bragança)

Electric guitar and bass: Rodrigo Bragança

Solo para um homem só


The sound landscapes created by Rodrigo Bragança to perform improvisations of music and dance with Priscila Torres invite the listener to immerse themselves in a universal feeling: loneliness. The poems from the book 'Solo para um Homem Só' are the starting point and guide for a journey that begins in the mother's womb, passes through childhood, adolescence, adulthood and crosses existence. The loneliness that we perceive, the loneliness that affects us without touching us, the loneliness that hurts in the body and hurts in the soul. The loneliness that throws us into the void, the loneliness that we don't know how to deal with, that implodes us and makes us explode. Abandonment, separation, loneliness imposed by something external, that necessary for our maturation and finally solitude, a state of wholeness that can heal us and give light to the darkness. The poetic-sonorative narrative delicately and forcefully draws the path of the only man who feels, processes, matures and transcends the pain of solitude through the search for self-knowledge and spirituality.

May this experience, in some way and at some level, transform us positively. May we be able to reconnect our humanity by examining our Being in depth to better see each other and the world around us with a more loving look.

Produced by Rodrigo Bragança.

Mixed by Ricardo Mosca.

Guitars, voices, theremin, bass, samples and programming by Rodrigo Bragança.

Lágrimas de Chorar Estrelas 2008

In this disc, the instrumentation of the songs, has original textures of electric guitar, in addition to the voice of the composer-performer, a very unusual experience in the context of Brazilian popular music. In it, the artist explores its limits to the maximum and, consequently, expands and deepens its timbristic and expressive possibilities through the experimentation of new techniques and, still, with the aid of analog effect pedals. this without leaving aside the Brazilian character of the songs of an artist influenced by the Clube da Esquina movement of the 1970s, the starting point for this bold proposal.


Produced by ricardo mosca and co-produced by rodrigo bragança

what was said about the cd. . .

"It's great! A masterpiece! I freaked out with the incredible result you got with ultra-contemporary textures and harmonies, with unusual and inventive lyrics, without letting a second of being simple, expressive and deeply sublime .... Not to mention the production that is a thousand! ” Ale Siqueira, music producer

“Rodrigo is a wonderful orchestrator. These arrangements can be transcribed for wind instruments, strings or appliances. It is sublime. They are paintings in movement. The composition of the elements - in the sense of construction - is absurdly harmonious. I'm talking about the arrangements, but that permeates all instances of the CD: melodies, harmonies, cells
rhythmic, timbres, lyrics, script, plans (layers). There's a lot of tools, it's very-very creative, thought-provoking, there's always something surprising ... Your voice is beautiful. The timbre is full-bodied, has phrasing mega musical, expression, nuance, confession, delivery and donation. There is nudity. ” Ilana Volcov, interpreter

“... Rodrigo radicalizes his individuality here, as the 14 tracks are performed using his great voice and his excellent skill with the electric guitar exclusively. The result is an extremely melodic and sweet record, with a touch of melancholy to guide lyrics and arrangements. ”

Fabian Chacur, journalist - Portal MondoPop



Mandu Sarará
rodrigo bragança_ electric and acoutic guitar
mário gaiotto_ drums, percussion
lucas vargas_piano, accordion
rui barossi_ double bass
beto sporleder_ saxes, flutes
special guest
danilo caymmi_voice in "Lavadeira"
recorded, mixed and mastered by homero lotito
O Grito
Urbe Incandescida 
rodrigo bragança _ guitars effects
rogério bastos _ drums
marko conká _ voice
rafael ferrari _ bass
produced by alexandre fontanetti
recorded at the guidon and space blues studios, são paulo / sp
mixed in Nosso Estúdio, são paulo, sp
mastered by carlos freitas
Mandu Sarará I
rodrigo bragança _ electric and acoustic guitar, viola
mário gaiotto _ drums, percussion
lucas vargas _ piano, accordion
marcio arantes _ electris and acoustic bass
beto sporleder _ saxes, flutes
special participations
hermeto pascoal on "domingo" and "conversa fora"
nailor provetain "da varanda interiorana"
produced by swami jr.
recorded, mixed in the studio zabumba, sp, by swami jr and andré magalhães
mastered by carlos freitas